Track Running

Why Track?

  • It’s a great place to do intense speedwork, an easy rehab walk, or almost anything in between.
  • Flat, even, cushy surface. No cars, bikes, strollers, curbs, potholes, stoplights, puddles, or hills.
  • Always better than a treadmill.
  • Energy and comradery from those around you.
  • Even if you start early or late, or run at a different pace from others, you're always within a quarter mile of the rest of the group.
  • Speedwork is a great compliment to endurance work, and can improve you race day performance without adding excessive mileage.

Track Etiquette

  • Run on the track counter-clockwise (left turns only, just like NASCAR).
  • The inner lanes are reserved for the faster runners. The slower you are relative to others using the track, the higher number lane you should use. Walkers should stay to lanes 7 and 8.
  • If you are running in Lane 1 and find yourself approaching a slower runner from behind, give that person ample notice to move out of your way. The best phrases to call out are “Track,” “On your left,” or “On the inside.” And if you hear any of these phrases shouted at you, move right quickly.
  • Share the track respectfully and pay attention to others around you. It’s certainly okay to use the track for walk or jog with a friend, but be mindful that others may be trying to push their limits, so don’t make an obstacle course for them.
  • If you stop or slow down for any reason, first check for anyone behind you and move out of their way. Then, move to a slower lane or off the track quickly.
  • Never stand motionless on the track.
  • Run no more than two abreast, and be extra attentive when doing so.

Track Workout Suggestions

Always warm up before and cool down after any track workout. One to two miles (or 10 to 20 minutes) of easy running, plus some dyanmic stretching, is a good warm up.

  • Yasso 800s, a classic speed workout widely used in marathon training.
  • 30-20-10 Workout, a simple yet intense workout that you can complete in around 30 minutes.
  • Some Garmin watches have guided tests to determine your Lactate Threshold.
  • 400m (once around the track) repeats are a good distance for endurance runners. Check out Hal Higdon's book Run Fast for lots more information on speedwork.

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